Lectures will be held every 6 weeks in Athlone, *Friday evening 7:30-10:00pm and Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm.

You will receive module materials each weekend. Each module includes 12 hours of CDs / online audio files for the following 6 weeks. A home assignment is set for each module, and there is a tutor feedback sheet to fill in at the end of the module. Set books are provided as part of the course for some modules.

The Christian Academy modules offered this year are:  Foundations of Theology, The Holy Spirit, Understanding the Bible, Prayer and Interscession, Old Testament Theology, Evangelism and The Kingdom. Some are more instructional and some more impartational in nature. We use lecturers who are gifted in teaching their specific modules. Many already teach at other Bible Colleges.

Students have the choice of attending lectures without completing assignments, or attending lectures and completing assignments to gain the Christian Academy certificate. The majority of the students find it helpful to study in the ‘homework’ track as they feel they learn more that way, but some students, through time, work, or other pressures prefer to attend the lectures and benefit from the teaching without completing home assignments.

Most importantly, this course is specifically for you, the student, to grow in your faith and ministry, grounded in the Word of God. If this is achieved, we at Christian Academy believe the Academy’s founding aims and continuing existence will have been fulfilled.

The Introductory Day will be Saturday, 10th September 2016 in Athlone.  On that occasion you will receive your first set of CDs, notes and text books.