Scripture Knowledge:

 Foundations of Theology

Understanding the Bible

New Testament Theology

The Holy Spirit


Old Testament Theology

Prayer and Intercession

The Church

Church History / Revival



Healing and Deliverance


 Character Development:

 Looking after one’s :

  • Spiritual life
  • Emotional life
  • Thought life
  • Volitional life
  • Physical life
  • Sexual life
  • Financial life
  • Married life
  • Family life
  • Work life
  • Relational life

Ministry Skills Development:

  Engaging with God's Word

 Finding and Developing your Ministry


 Making Disciples

 Working in step with the Holy Spirit

 Sharing your faith

 Caring for OthersCaring for other

 Aspects of Leadership

 Preparing a Talk

 Ministering Deliverance and Inner Healing

 Hearing God and prophecy

 Cross-cultural mission