Christian Academy (C.A.) is an interdenominational Bible School, which was founded by Plumbline Ministries. So far, over 2,000 students have enrolled for our courses. Christian Academy is designed for busy Christians and is a part-time course over a 2 year period.

The Growing in Your Maturity (GYM) Course has 2 main components:

· It involves 6 training weekends (Friday evening and all day Saturday) of classroom work, spread over the academic year.

· It incorporates 6 Christian Academy modules to be studied at home with the aid of MP3s, downloadable notes, and text books. (Or you can opt for the "hard copy" version, which means you would receive CDs and printed copies of the notes.)

These 2 combined methods of study suit busy people who have home, work, and church commitments which make a full-time Bible School out of the question. It facilitates those who have an eager desire to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and be better equipped to serve God effectively.




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