We consider it important that training cover 3 main areas:


Biblical Knowledge

Leadership and Ministry Skills

Personal Spiritual Development



The main biblical and theological context will be studied using the Christian Academy modules. This will be covered with the tapes, textbooks and notes by self-study with 6 weeks for each module, then a workshop/tutorial when we meet for the next training weekend.

The Ministry Skills track and Spiritual Development track will also be covered during the training weekends and will address the following topics:



Leadership and Ministry Skills

· Finding and Developing Your Ministry

· Making Disciples

· Ministering in the Holy Spirit

· Evangelism in Contemporary Ireland

· Elements of Pastoral Care

· Leading Meetings

· Preparing a Sermon

· Youth Ministry

· Ministering Deliverance and Inner Healing

· Ministering in the Prophetic

· Leading a Church - Vision, Values and Goals



Personal Spiritual Development

· Looking after oneself, one’s spiritual life, emotional life, thought life, volitional life, physical life, sexual life, financial life, married life, family life, work life, and relational life.